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2017 Hunterdon Huskies Cheer Coaches


Please see below for our 2017 Head Coach line-up. Please note that it's possible that the team line-up listed below may change based on actual registrations. As returning families know, team assignments are not done until May or June at the earliest, after the bulk of the registrations come in. This ensures that we build the strongest arrangement of teams as possible. With that reminder -- it's possible we choose to not field one of the teams below, or it's also possible that we will need to add another team. We will not know until the May/June timeframe.  So, for now -- please consider below a solid guide as to who our Head Coaches will be, if we field all the teams below. And if adjustments are necessary based on how teams get put together in May/June, we will certainly keep you informed.
The Cheer Coordinator will work with the Head Coaches in May/June, to determine assistant coach positions.  The following teams and coaches are anticipated for the 2017 season: 

  • Inspiration Cheer -- Nancy Gibney
  • Minis Cheer [ages 3 + 4, as of 7/31/17] -- Jessica O'Neil
  • Flag Cheer [ages 5 + 6, as of 7/31/17] -- Emma Alparone 
  • Mitey Mite Cheer [ages 8 and under, as of 7/31/17] -- Teresa Killian
  • D10 Cheer [for ages 10 and under, as of 7/31/17] -- Amy Marks
  • D12 Cheer [for ages 12 and under, as of 7/31/17] -- Susan Lavigne
  • D14 Cheer [for ages 14 and under, as of 7/31/17]-- Vicky Bischoff