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Hall of Fame Honorees, pictured from left to right:  Carl Nosenzo, Brian Lewis, Perry Papantonis, Ed Balut, Vicky Bischoff and Frank Morrison


The Hunterdon Huskies have been honored to have some of the best coaches working with the athletes in our program.    Over the years, we have had the pleasure of inducting some fine honorees into the Hunterdon Huskies Hall of Fame


Carl Nosenzo

Founding member of the Huskies; served 10+ years

Carl, along with, Albert Gasparetti, Arnold Gasparetti and Frank Morrison applied for and received a $12k loan to start the High Bridge Huskies. With this money they purchased helmets, uniforms for both cheer and football players and insurance.

The Huskies began with 80 kids and has grown in the hundreds

Carl would go to the grocery store every Sunday morning to purchase a case of oranges. He would them come back to the field to clean and cut up the oranges and hand them out to all the football players and cheerleaders. He will always be remembered as the "Orange Man"

Seeing the Huskies win the National Championships has been the highlight of his involvement.


Arnold and Albert Gasparetti

Brothers Arnold and Albert Gasparetti served 10+ years with the Huskies.

Although they didn't have any children athletes, they are both remembered as staunch supporters of all athletic programs in High Bridge.


Frank Morrison

Frank organized the Pop Warner High Bridge Huskies in 1971 with Carl Nosenzo, and the late Albert and Arnold Gasparetti.

First year he served as the Commissioner/Director and a Head Coach

Coached for 5 years

Frank believes his accomplishment is in being instrumental in organizing the Huskies, watching the teams grow, win championships, and helping to give many young boys and girls this opportunity.  He also was honored to watch his grandson, Austin Holthaus, play football for the Huskies and play in a Huskies championship game in Orlando, Florida.

His best memory with the Huskies was their first ever win!  And if his memory is correct it was a 7-0 win over the Raritan Falcons.


Brian Lewis

Served Huskies from inception in 1971 until 1993

His contribution to the Huskies was developing the kids for high school

His most memorable moments being part of the Huskies was working to better the kids


Arthur Jacobs

Art was involved with the Huskies for nearly 20 years.

In his early days, he helped coach and then served as the president for 17 years.


Scott Saxon

10 years

43-4 record as an Assistant Coach

74-1 record as a Head Coach

First Huskies Coach to win a Natl Championship

The relationship I have "my kids" post Huskies.


Ed Balut

27 years head coaching at the Hunterdon Huskies on the junior peewee level, peewee level, and junior midget level. Overall record of 322 wins, 27 losses and three ties in both Pop Warner and AYF. 

12 undefeated regular seasons

15 Conference Championships

4 New Jersey State Championships

8 Eastern Regional finals

5 Eastern Regional Championships

1  Second in the Nation (2005)

3  National Championship (2007, Back-to-Back 2015 and 2016)


Also served the Hunterdon Huskies as: 

Equipment Manager

Head Football Commissioner

Building and Grounds

Snack Shack Coordinator


Coach Balut was selected as the 2016 AYF National Head Coach of the Year and is a member of the Jersey Shore AYF Touchdown Club for devoting 25 years of service to Youth Football.


Jim Jeffry

Served the Huskies for 29 years

2 seasons undefeated with the midgets

Numerous Junior Pee Wee Championships

Most memorable moment was winning the Nationals - watching the kids work so hard and the excitement when they won was amazing.


Bob Pierce

Bob was an assistant football coach for nearly 20 years

He coached on junior peewee level, peewee level and junior midget level.

Bob also assisted with the Snack Shack, buildings and grounds and assistant to the head football commissioner


Jana Watts

Has been coaching with Huskies for more than 14 years

Coached teams to 2 National Championship Titles -- 2010 Junior Midget Large Intermediate and 2013 Junior Midget Large Blue (Advanced); and one National Runner-up in 2005

Coached many teams to Conference Championship and Regional titles

One of her favorite Huskies moments was winning Nationals


Perry Papantonis

Served as president for 3 years

Transitioned Huskies to the AYF program

1st National Cheer win

Football East Region Finals

Greatest Huskies moments were watching the cheerleaders win the 2010 National Championships via live satellite feed and receiving the email in 2007 for the Junior Peewee football National Championships


Vicky Bischoff

Has been coaching with Huskies for more than 12 years

2010 National Champions Jr. Midgets

2013 National Champions and Grand Champions

2012 placed 3rd in the Nation

Placed 1st for several Conferences throughout the years for JM and Midgets

Every year for the past 7 years, had girls make varsity at the local high schools, and some went on the cheer in college

Most memorable moments were both National Championships